Assessment Services

The Strategy Management Group has a long history of facilitating strategic planning projects. The overwhelming majority of executions included SMG coordinated “team input” by client identified leadership, staff and stakeholders into an intensive environmental assessment. The reason for doing so is clear…in order to plan for future success those charged with the task must have a “shared” understanding to what is currently happening in the strategic environment and the present state of organization capacity and capabilities to achieve success within it.

How It Works

MAPPscan - Online Environmental Scan ToolMAPPscan is environmental assessment workspace on the web enabling invitees to participate easily and anonymously.  MAPPscan delivers a well-ordered process and tools for team input and knowledge accumulation to build an information foundation that is current and relevant for strategy formulation.

Capturing Input

Online team input levels the playing field by allowing individuals quiet space to collect their thoughts free of distraction coupled with preserving anonymity of expression to allow the information provided to be reviewed and considered on its merits alone. Anonymity carries forward and through the online team input into SWOT identification and prioritization process allowing your team to weigh in unfettered by organization politics.

Delivering Output

MAPPscan functionalities for team notifications and discussion board for asynchronous conversations, raw team input reports available in real time, and final reports available once activated. System administration is controlled throughout by Strategy Management Group’s staff communicating instructions, opening and closing windows for team tasks (pre-set start and end dates in “Workplan”) and behind the scenes consolidating, categorizing, posting and activating final reports. The information that flows out of MAPPware does so without linkage to or identification of contributors in the process. The work done in the application is in lock step with the guiding principle of SMG’s “Strategic Management Performance System”…capture collective insight through team based planning, learn and apply during each phase and step in the planning process.

Facilitating Alignment

Strategy Management Group’s skilled strategic management facilitators will lead an in-depth “deep dive” into your environmental scan input (both external and internal). The goal of our facilitated work sessions is to drive a shared understanding and perspective around the key environmental factors. Once alignment is achieved around a shared perspective of primary environmental factors influencing your organization, your team is much better positioned to begin the strategy formation process.

Free 5-Minute Assessment