Strategic Management

Leaders expect strategic planning to be the blueprint for future growth and success. However, visioning the future and setting goals will not guarantee results. Studies have shown:

  • Only 9% of organizations feel they have the capability to fully execute their strategies (while)
  • 45% of organizations feel their execution of strategy is effective (and)
  • 90% of well-designed strategies fail due to poor execution.1

Our thirty years in the business has us agreeing with these statistics and believing…organizations that have strategic planning processes and management practices in place outperform organizations that don’t.2

This is where we come in helping you get organized to plan, managing expectations delivering appropriate facilitated engagements (in person and virtual) and content based deliverables by professionally certified planning professionals, software as service tools and our continuing professional education program through George Washington University College of Professional Studies help organizations, and those who lead them, achieve exceptional performance.

Our promise is simple…we will help your organization to focus, make better decisions, and grow.

Strategic Management Performance System

Environmental Assessment Services

Understanding your current strategic environment and ability to function within it is the foundation upon which effective strategy is built.

Strategic Planning

Strategic management is the discipline we know and practice. We help our clients to formulate strategy and, along the way, develop understanding and requisite skills to manage on their own. It is the way we measure success.

Strategy implementation

Executing a strategic plan requires considerably more time, commitment, and resources than developing the plan itself. Unfortunately, most plans just end up gathering dust on the shelf, and those that do proceed to implementation often don’t receive the necessary attention and resources to achieve the desired outcomes.

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