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“I have some practical experience in strategic planning and management, but no formal training to recognize my competency.  Good training and certification from a major university will enhance my personal value proposition.”

Mastering Strategy
Live Online – 10 Week Program

Do any of these speak to you?
  • I don’t have a complete understanding of the fundamentals and need to learn what’s new – I need a lower cost solution where I can take knowledge, skills and tools back to my company.
  • I’m worried I won’t be able finish any type of face-to-face program – having all course content covered live online by a Certified Strategic Management Professional at a regularly scheduled time will help.
  • I’m located in a foreign country and travel is out of the question – I would like access to each session’s recording if I am traveling or in a different time zone.
  • I need some guidance and support in preparing for the certification exam – with all course materials aligned to the Association for Strategic Planning’s Body of Knowledge Guide, 2.0., the course will help me accomplish this.

The live instructor led Mastering Strategy: Strategic Management Performance System certification program provides complete interaction with the course instructors immersing you in the industry’s most widely respected and universally applied practices in strategic management. The course is designed for professionals to acquire knowledge and build skills in leadership and management of strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation and control.


Skilled strategic management professionals establish and direct disciplined approaches to planning and execution that fits their organization by being practical, sustainable and cost effective. The Mastering Strategy: Strategic Management Performance System certification program covers the discipline of strategic management as a whole broken down into the required phases and steps for planning, implementation and evaluation of strategy as a managed process.

The Mastering Strategy: Strategic Management Performance System certification program is continuing professional education aligned with the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) “Lead -Think-Plan-Act” Body of Knowledge 2.0. Through this program you will gain valuable knowledge and skill development required to do the work and establish a pathway to ASP Certification as a Strategic Planning Professional (SPP), Strategic Management Professional (SMP) or association designation as a Strategic Planning Associate (SPA).



Strategic Management Certification Program

  • Professionals charged with leading, managing or having responsibilities linked to development and implementation of strategy
  • Owners and senior executives who see the need for more effective strategic management processes in their organization
  • Professionals building a pathway to professional certification and career opportunities in strategic planning and management
  • Strategic management consultants
  • University level business management degree students, both graduate and declared undergraduates, wanting to further define their value to potential employers
  • Introduction provided to the Association for Strategic Planning Director of Certifications in order to understand:
    • Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) levels of certification and designation
    • The certification application and examination process

Use of the ASP Body of Knowledge 2.0 in preparing to sit for ASP certification

Feedback from past participants:

“The real-life examples and simple tools presented in the Strategic Management Certificate Program not only give life to the theory and models, but also make it practical to implement in an organization.”

Rob Salley, Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Pacific Life Insurance Company

“This program did an excellent job of helping me understand how to help clients develop strategic plans to grow their businesses. The instruction team, LBL Strategies, was very professional, seasoned and organized in their presentation of the material.”

Joy Howell, MBA, MPA, Managing Partner, Cambridge Strategic Partners

“The program provided an overview of strategic management along with many tools and templates.  It emphasized that each organization is unique and the approach chosen for strategic management needs to fit the organization. This class has positioned me to leverage what I’ve learned in my work environment and I’m already finding opportunities to the tools at my company.”  

Gail Farwick, Senior Director Enterprise PMO, E.W. Scripps Company

“Even though my schedule didn’t allow me to attend the classes live, I was able to keep pace with the course and make it through all the materials.  I especially appreciate the program’s bringing together of so many approaches and the volume of research into one, cohesive process.  I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in the execution side of strategy development and management.”

Blake, Enterprise IT, Fannie Mae



Programs are taught by principals and senior associates of the Strategy Management Group. Our instruction team has specialized expertise in strategic management training, facilitation and consulting in public and private-sector organizations. Our instruction team is composed of ASP certified strategic planning and management professionals and are Registered Education Providers for the association. Our instruction team delivers training:

  • In person – The Boot Camp learning option offers full-day hands-on learning sessions with breakout discussions and interactive exercises.
  • Online – Live online interactive class sessions are held via GoToMeeting. All class sessions are recorded and provided to students.

Mastering Strategy: Strategic Management Performance System certification program is offered in different learning format options to match the needs of busy working professionals and MBA students. These include the in person “instructor led” boot camp experience, the online “instructor led” scheduled class sessions and the online “independent learning” for those that want to go at their own pace at times that fit their schedule.


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The Mastering Strategy: Strategic Management Performance System certification program covers the entire strategic planning and management cycle. The program content is organized to be presented in order of occurrence if you were to “begin at the beginning”. A logic path for understanding the required phases (5) and steps (13) unfolds revealing a practical strategic management process; one that is in alignment with the Association for Strategic Planning “Lead-Think-Plan-Act” Body of Knowledge guidance and professional certifications.

Phase 1

Modules 1 & 2: Historical Context + Assessing and Organizing a Strategy Program

Lay the groundwork for understanding and successfully applying a strategic management process. Topics include:

  • History and terminology of strategic management
  • Assessing current strategic direction’s level of development
  • Assessing current strategic management capabilities
  • Factors influencing the nature/scope of the strategy development program
  • Benefits, concerns, time frames, participants and start up activities for strategic planning
  • Organizing a “team based” strategy formulation/change management process that fits your organization

 Phase 2

Modules 3 > 6: Environmental Assessment Analysis & Evaluation

Outline and describe the process of environmental assessment analysis and evaluation, the essential prerequisite for the development and implementation of an effective organization strategy. Topics include:

  • Conducting an environmental scan “external analysis” of the operating environment
  • Conducting an environmental scan “internal analysis” of the organization
  • Conducting a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Designing a system for strategic information management
  • Evaluating the results of the strategic analyses

Phase 3

Modules 7 > 9: Defining Strategic Direction, Strategy Identification, Strategy Evaluation & Selection

Build on the environmental analyses and evaluations to develop an overall strategic direction, identify a set of preferred strategic alternatives and chart a course sufficiently explicit to guide and motivate the board, management and staff of an organization. Topics include:

  • Defining vision – destination
  • Defining mission – purpose
  • Articulating values – beliefs
  • Clarifying policies – guidelines
  • Developing goals – key themes of the plan

Once elements of strategic direction are defined, proceed with:

  • Compiling and screening strategic alternatives
  • Evaluating feasible alternatives
  • Selecting preferred alternatives
  • Integrating current strategic initiatives with newly proposed strategic initiatives

 Phase 4

Modules 10 & 11: Strategic Planning + Strategic Operating Planning

Development of a written strategic plan that integrates alternatives in a coherent long-range plan to be the basis for leading and managing an organization in the future. While always subject to modification, a strategic plan is the best statement of the goals and aspirations that a leadership team can devise for the foreseeable future. Topics include:

  • Identifying relationships between strategic planning and operational planning
  • Identifying the prerequisites of effective strategic planning
  • Selecting the appropriate organization structure for each strategic initiative
  • Evaluating the organization’s existing strategic plan
  • Developing a revised strategic plan
  • Developing ancillary strategic planning processes
  • Discussing an illustrative strategic plan

Convert the longer-term strategic plan and prioritized strategies into a detailed blueprint for action. Development of a detailed set of operational objectives, performance measures, and projects to move the strategic plan into a coordinated set of actions. This includes the assignment of roles and responsibilities for implementation and the commitment of authorized resources. Topics include:

  • Identifying the strategic operating plan as defined in the strategic plan
  • Assessing compatibility of the strategic operating plan with current planning processes
  • Deploying the strategies into the organization via a balanced set of objectives across functions
  • Learning to use a strategy deployment map
  • Identifying key performance measures and performance targets
  • Formatting strategies for implementation
  • Obtaining approvals and authorizations for the strategic operating plan
  • Distributing and communicating  the strategic operating plan to members of the implementation team

Phase 5

Modules 12 & 13: Strategy Implementation + Strategic Management as a Continuous Process

Understand senior executive, manager and staff level roles and responsibilities understood to be part of and happening within change management activities and processes linked to strategy implementation. Focus on how to align the team and integrate the strategic implementation plan with on-going operations. Implementation is considered in two phases:

  • Short-term – Coinciding with the annual (or equivalent) operating cycle
  • Long-term – When/where implementation becomes the responsibility of line management

Outline and describe management implementation roles and responsibilities and improving organization capability to establish strategic management as a continuous process. Topics include:

  • Reassessing the current strategic management capability
  • Developing a framework for evaluating the current strategic management capability
  • Using the developed framework to evaluate the current strategic management capability
  • Providing on-going strategic management capability building
  • Designing and maintaining an effective continuous improvement system for strategic management
  • Identifying system operating guidelines

Understand dynamics at play in implementation as a continuous “change management” process. Requirements for achieving team alignment, managing expectations and feedback on the results of implementation management. Topics include:

  • Practical application/ next step use of strategic management skills, tools and processes to install and integrate a strategic implementation plan
  • Key factors of adjustment to the emerging changes in the strategic direction and changes throughout the organization culturally from enterprise down to the individual level.
  • Human dynamics to implementation management…what to watch out for when working with an organization
  • Example challenges to rolling out implementation – Difficulties encountered in organizations where the changes initiated in previous years are not yet fully integrated and operational, resulting in an understandable resistance to a new wave of strategic thinking and planning

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